Long Nose Dog

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What is Long Nose Dog?

Long Nose Dog

We know that the many visitors of our website are always eager to play some more logic puzzle games with drawing, and if they have dogs in them, man's best friend, we are positive that even more so, and that everyone trying out this game right now is going to have a blast getting food, rescuing people, all with using the long nose of the canine!

Use the Long Nose Dog to solve the puzzles!

At each level, you need to accomplish things such as getting food, which is usually represented by pizza, saving the human companion from Rainbow Friends or other foes, pulling triggers, and other actions, all the while avoiding getting the nose of the dog hit by spikes, or other kinds of traps and dangers you will encounter.

If you do it, you get coins in return but know that each new level gets harder than the last. Use the mouse or touch controls to drag the nose of the dog and make it long, doing so in order to reach the desired places, with the way you need to draw being shown to you in some levels so that you have a head-start.

Are you ready? We're positive you are, born ready, so let the fun begin now, and don't stop here, since there are always some more great games to come on our website, guaranteed!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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