Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid

Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid

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Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid
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Baby Cathy Ep34: Cute Mermaid Overview


We have now reached episode 34 of the Baby Cathy Games series, with this new entry being called Cute Mermaid, and it makes sense, as mermaids are going to be all the rage this summer thanks to the live-action movie from Disney of the most popular fictional mermaid ever, who inspired Cathy to look like here as well, which is what you will now help her do, something we will now teach you how to do!

Help Baby Cathy become a Cute Mermaid online!

Firstly, when the pieces of a puzzle depicting a fairy appear, click on them at the right time to merge them and bring the fairy to life, for whom you then solve a puzzle that will help her transform into a mermaid, which you then dress up by mixing and matching tops and bottoms, earrings, bandanas, and even choose a hairstyle.

Through the final two stages of the day, help our newly-anointed fairy to protect the cute sea creatures from danger, following the on-screen instructions you receive. When you're done with this episode, if you are new to the story, don't hesitate to try out even more of the games with this character we've already brought you here!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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