Cheerful Plumber Coloring

Cheerful Plumber Coloring

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Cheerful Plumber Coloring
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Cheerful Plumber Coloring Overview


Cheerful Plumber Coloring is going to be one of the best new Mario coloring games online you get to find and play on our website, mainly because it takes many pictures from The Super Mario Bros movie and adapts them into black and white sheets for you to fill with color, something we will now explain how to do, so you can start enjoying this game at once!

Be creative by coloring Mario, the Cheerful Plumber!

Start off by choosing which of the five pictures you want to paint on, with two of them featuring Mario, but also having Princess Peach, Toad, and Bowser.

After that, from the left you choose how big you want the coloring point to be, and from the right you choose a color. After that, drag the mouse across the parts of the image you want to fill with that color until each section is painted.

Do that until all is finished, and then, maybe, try another one, because the best way to experience this game is to paint all of the pictures. Start right now, so you have enough time to do it all, and invite your friends for this creativity ride as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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