Roblox Tsunami

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What is Roblox Tsunami?

Roblox Tsunami

Roblox Tsunami is going to be one of the most fun hypercasual racing games 3D that you've had the pleasure of trying out in this category so far, a game we are totally recommending to each and every one of you, which is why we've added it right at this moment, and we are confident you should not be missing out on it for anything in the world!

Let's take on the Roblox Tsunami online!

Use WASD to move and space to jump, racing on the water to get to the islands of sand, because they will keep you safe when the tsunamis come, otherwise, the waves of water will drag you back, and the other players reach the finish line faster than you, causing you to lose.

Collect coins along the way, using them to buy new skins or cool power-ups, but the upgrades can also be found on the course, so make sure to grab them when possible as well. We wish you the best, as you deserve to have it, and we hope to see you stick around for even more fun to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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