Surf Cat

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What is Surf Cat?

Surf Cat

We now invite you to face the waves by becoming Surf Cat online, with one of the best new surfing games online we've had here in a while, and it is precisely since it has cats doing it, as they always make each and every game they are in better, as we will now prove, and we will also show you how to play it, so you have absolutely no problems!

Let's have fun with the Surf Cat online!

Use the mouse or finger to drag the cat up and down to switch waves on the water, as you need to avoid the rocks because if you bump into them, you lose.

Instead, go on the patches of sand, little islands, and collect the seashells to get extra points, in addition to those from the distance, and get new surfboards to ride the waves with it.

We hope that each time you crash, you start again and work harder to get more points than before and get a better performance out of the game.

It's that simple, so now that you know it all, feel confident to begin the game, and stick around for more of this fun to come, as it is always guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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