Vampire: No Survivors

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What is Vampire: No Survivors?

Vampire: No Survivors

Vampire: No Survivors is a new arcade-strategy and clicker game online with pixel and retro elements and vibes, one really fun game where you can have endless fun from start to finish, just like we've had, which is why we can now easily explain what is to be done so that you can give the game your best!

Help the Vampire leave No Survivors behind!

You are protecting the coffin of a vampire from the countless vampire hunters who want to come and take it apart and get rid of the undead monster, so for that, you have to spawn familiars to attack them and keep the target protected.

You will simply do it using the mouse, clicking where you want to put the familiars, but know you cannot generate them in the light made by the hunters who are coming after you.

If the health bar of the vampire runs out, you've lost. If you survive multiple waves, you can generate better familiars, stronger ones, which you will need, as the hunters will also come back with more power. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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  • Reaktori: Programming, art, sound, music.
  • Rage: Art, music.

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