Parking Training

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What is Parking Training?

Parking Training

Even the most experienced drivers require more Parking Training, which is what we invite kids to get right now through this simulator online, where you get to drive and park cars, but safely, as you do it virtually, which is how kids can do it when they're young, as you need to be an adult to drive real cars!

Do some Parking Training online right now!

Ginza Street, Chinatown, and the Military Base will be the three main locations you will have to park your cars. Use WASD or the ARROWS to drive, having to follow the arrows on the screen to reach the parking spot and perfectly place the car in it, and if you can collect coins along the way, make sure that you're doing it.

Why? You can buy new cars to drive and park from the shop, which makes the experience fresh, more diverse, and more fun, without a doubt. We wish you the best, only here, and we hope you are not stopping here, since there are more great games to come as only here is possible!

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