Duel Of Builders

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What is Duel Of Builders?

Duel Of Builders

Are you ready for a Duel Of Builders? This is not the kind of dueling game you might be used to with here, precisely why we are now delighted to share with everyone this awesome game of bricks, where you play with them in a different way, and we will now explain what and how to do, so you can begin having fun at once!

Can you win the Duel Of Builders?

Firstly, know that you can play this with another person, a real one, using the same device, in which case, select the 2 players mode, and here are your controls:

  • Player 1 uses WASD to move, R to change weapons, and space to attack.
  • Player 2 uses the ARROWS for movement, O to change weapons, and P to attack.

On top of high skyscrapers, the two builders will throw wrenches and other tools at one another, with your goal being to deplete the health bar of the other one to win, while they will try to do the same. Some weapons might be dropped from the sky, so make sure to grab a hold of them to get the upper hand on your opponent. Enjoy!

How to play?

  • P1: WASD, R, space.
  • P2: ARROWS, O, and P.

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