Pixel Smash Duel

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What is Pixel Smash Duel?

Pixel Smash Duel

Do you think you can win the Pixel Smash Duel? Can you do it both against the computer and a real friend? That's the challenge we are posing to you right at this moment when our team is delighted to share with everyone one of the best 2 player shooting games we've had here in a while, mainly because this is a pixel game, and you know very well you can never go wrong with them!

Win the Pixel Smash Duel in 2 Players!

Choose between the 1P and 2P modes from the main menu, and then enter the pixelated arena, where both players and their avatars are sitting on a platform, where you have to give your best to shoot down the other one and push the other one off of it, with the first player that gets five victories winning the whole duel.

The arenas might change from one battle to another, keeping the backgrounds and experiences fresh. Now, learn how to control your two shooters:

  • PLAYER 1: W to jump, E to shoot.
  • PLAYER 2: UP to jump, M to shoot.

Now that you know the basics of this game, nothing should hold you back from giving it your best right away, and we wish good luck and fun times to both, inviting you to check out our two-player games category further, and keep having fun together here, free of any charges or stress!

How to play?

P1: W, E.

P2: UP, M.

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