Fear the Spotlight

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What is Fear the Spotlight?

Fear the Spotlight

Fear the Spotlight is a new horror-adventure game online in 3D with puzzle-solving elements, which has all the ingredients for a recipe of scares and fun all at the same time, a combination you've never gone wrong with before in this category, and you won't right now either, as we will now explain what you have to do, so you can begin right away!

Don't Fear the Spotlight!

In a third-person experience, you are trying to find the mystery of your missing friend and rescue them, all the while making sure not to get caught by the monsters lurking around, since they are the ones that stole her, and they want to get you as well.

You cannot fight them, but you just need to be stealthy and avoid them at any cost. With point-and-click puzzles, you have to unlock items, and clues, and make a path forward for yourselves.

The abandoned school setting might be scary, but you have to go past that if you are to survive. Use WASD to move and the mouse for interaction. Begin right now, and make sure you tell your friends to check this or any of our other games as well!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse and WASD keys.

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