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Return to Riddle School

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Return to Riddle School
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Return to Riddle School Overview


Return to Riddle School is exactly what you will be doing right now with one of the most beloved series of escape games online from our website, a fun and funny game series where you use the point-and-click gameplay style to get out of the place most hated by kids all around the world, and that is school, of course.

Well, this school is filled with puzzles to solve, situations to escape from, characters to interact with, and items to utilize to get to freedom, all in an adventure you won't forget any day soon, and in case you're new to this series, we're going to teach you what you've got to do right now!

Let's Return to Riddle School and then get out!

A boring math class is where you begin your story, with a teacher who seems to be dumber than our stickman in dedention, so maybe you could figure out a way to get past her. Click on items such as the windows, the outlet, the sharpener, the pencil, and the blackboard, to learn more about them.

The dialogues that appear on the screen represent clues and hints, and some items can be taken and added to your inventory if you tap on them, such as the pencil. One way that you can try and distract the teacher is by taking the sharpener and using it on your pencil, but in a wrong way so that it gets jammed, and have her go and bring another one.

Well, at that time, why don't you go through the exit doors and escape? That is just one way to go about it, and new problems arise from one room to escape to the next one, like the school hallway, for example.

Make sure not to get caught by the school staff that is all around you, who want you to stay in school because getting caught in an escape might lead to more detention, and you would not want that, right? Let's start, try solving all the riddles and mysteries of the school, escape to freedom, and check out the other chapters of this story from our website, we've got all the Riddle School Games online you want to play for free!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Confuse and distract teachers and school staff to escape past them.
  • Take items in the inventory for later use.
  • Interact with every objects you see, they might be clues or tools to help you.

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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