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Cartoon Moto Stunt

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Cartoon Moto Stunt
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Cartoon Moto Stunt Overview


We've already proven that hypercasual motorcycle riding games online where you do stunts are some of the best ones that boys and men looking for high-risk but still safe in real life are looking to play, and today we will make the experience even better as the game has a stylistic vibe inspired by cartoons, especially older ones where all sorts of crazy stunts used to happen.

Attempt to perform the best Cartoon Moto Stunt online!

From the main menu, between each run you make, go and use the coins you have earned to upgrade the motorcycle's speed and flip power, or you can upgrade the wheelie. Through the levels you will explore maps like the desert, a roller coaster map, cities, train tracks, bridges, or even a level where the map is inspired by 'go up games', but you will do it with a bike.

Each of the maps we've just mentioned has multiple levels of difficulty to them, so when you clear their fist levels, you will return to new ones but where you have to be an even better biker. Get 5000 coins to buy each skin, having the basic one, and three new ones you can buy.

Drive using WASD or the ARROW keys, and when you want to use Nitro, hold the shift key, but when you run out of NOS, you have to wait until it charges back up to use. Make sure not to just drive forward, but balance your bike as you jump on the ramps and stay in the air, not to flip over and crash.

If you crash, you either go back to a checkpoint or from the beginning of the courses, it's your choice. There is a target time in which you need to cross the finish line to complete a level and its stunt course, and know that the more you stay in the air, the more stunts like flips and roll-overs you make, the more extra coins you earn.

Of course, the primary source of getting gold is collecting it from the roads. Doing stunts with motorcycles takes bravery, so show it here in this virtual simulation, where you can't get hurt in real life, but only have an amazing time!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys and the shift key.

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