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Drift Escape

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Drift Escape
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Drift Escape Overview


Drift Escape is one of the coolest new games in the world of car drift games online, and that's because the element of police is added to it, as you use your skills with the car to escape from the police, as the title suggests. Everyone knows that cops cannot perform the same car tricks as good street drivers, a role you get put into right now, something we're going to show you how to do, worry not!

Drift and escape the police cars!

Use W and S to drive your car on the arena, which is in the middle of the water, and do drifts around the pavement, with the first two levels being introductory ones where you have to drift to the spots shown to you, while avoiding the obstacles you might see, such as traffic cones, bus stations, street lights.

As you avoid them and do good with driving, you earn coins, and then you use them in the main menu to buy new cars, so try unlocking all of them to get the full garage equipped. You can also use the coins to upgrade each individual car in the speed and health department, which will make you better.

After police cars also appear on the road, they will chase you, also drifting, and your goal is to tire them out, until their health bars deplete, which you can also achieve by bumping into them, and if you have more health you will survive longer. If you can also make them fall off course into the water, even better.

The endless mode works the same, but this time there is no limit to the number of police cars chasing you, since defeating one of them brings another one to the table, and you have to survive for as long as possible, which gives you an even bigger points reward.

It's simple and exciting, as you can see, so start drifting, escaping, and having fun recklessly driving but with intention like never before!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the W and S keys, mouse.

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Smart Raven Studio

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