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Sprout Valley
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Sprout Valley Overview


Go to Sprout Valley if you want to leave the city life behind and start the serene and beautiful life of farming, growing, and building things, all in nature, with one of the cutest and most charming farming simulator games online we've had in a while, also a pixel game, and an RPG-adventure game we totally recommend, where you will do precisely that with the main character of this game, Nico, a cat who left behind the city life and job for this new adventure. Let's get into it!

Become the biggest farmer in Sprout Valley!

Ostara is the name of the new place you travel to, which is an archipelago made of many islands, of which one is yours. Take your island, which has been left empty, and use its soil and resources to farm produce, which you can then sell through the mailbox to the city, who need the food you make.

Of course, you have to also craft tools and items to help you with that, so use the natural resources you find. Craft items, become a fisherman for food, and farm fruits and vegetables, and you can even travel to new islands to develop them as well, but after you've made your own boat to help you with that.

Use the WASD keys to move, I to open the inventory and select items from it, and with the TAB key you can go and select tools to hold in your hand, like hammers, picaxes, water containers, and more.

Of course, you earn coins from producing and selling what you farm, so make sure to raise as many funds as possible, and if you can also upgrade your home or build new ones, make sure to do it!

The world is your oyster in this game, so start exploring it right now, develop your next life as a peaceful farmer, and live in a slow, relaxing, but fun way!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, I, Tab, and the mouse.

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Author: Vadzim Liakhovich

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