Epic Boss Fighter

Epic Boss Fighter

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Epic Boss Fighter
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Epic Boss Fighter Overview


Be the best Epic Boss Fighter online! It's a shooting game and skill game, and it focuses a lot on endurance! Only the best fighters have it, and you need it when you're jumping directly at fighting the boss levels! Let's show you how!

Are you the strongest Epic Boss Fighter? Play and find out!

You can move your hero using the mouse, or you can choose the WASD keys. You can pick either set of controls before you begin. The game has ten levels, and in each of them, you fight one boss and his minions. The first one is a huge spider, and here's the full list of what to expect:

  1. The Evil Weevil
  2. Panzer Ultra
  3. The Eye
  4. Mr. Spike Anderson
  5. E.T
  6. Machinery O.P
  7. The Rock
  8. Gigabot
  9. War Contraption
  10. Mr. Blob
Shoot, fight, and survive!

Move your hero and take aim at your enemies. You defeat the boss if you deplete their health bar completely. They will attack back, so if you lose your health bar, you lose the game. Be careful of the big enemies, but the smaller ones too.

Avoid any kinds of traps, obstacles, and dangers that appear on the map as well. They can deal you damage too. Be prepared to swipe away and duck any attacks that come towards you.

Evolve the hero as the difficulty increases!

When you defeat the enemies, or just deal damage, coins are left behind on the floor. Make sure to pick them up. If you die, or between runs, if they are successful, make sure to make upgrades to your hero. Upgrade the attack, the defense, the health, shooting range, speed, as well as special abilities.

Make yourselves stronger, since the alien bosses will do that by default! Stay one step ahead of the enemy bosses, and save the world from the invaders!

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