Gumball Dodge Ball

Gumball Dodge Ball

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Gumball Dodge Ball
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Gumball Dodge Ball Overview


Gumball wants to play Dodge Ball online with you! Do you want to? It's one of the most popular sports games from the category, and the most popular sport in Elmore School. You can now play it with him and his classmates, and we're going to show you how, in case you're not American, where it is most popular!

Play Gumball Dodge Ball online!

You lead a team of three with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. Your opponents are on the other half of the pitch, another team of three, from your classmates. Hit them with the balls to deplete their health bar and win. If they do that to you first, you lose instead.

Aim with the mouse by dragging where you want your teammates to move. When you want to shoot, go take a ball and click to throw it. When you're being shot at with the balls, dodge them, as the name suggests! Do so by jumping! Press the spacebar to jump. All three jump at the same time!

Before the match time runs out, try to win! Can you do it? Each new team you play against is stronger than the last. Beat them all to become the school champions! Play and find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse and the spacebar.

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