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Punch the Trump

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Punch the Trump
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Punch the Trump Overview


Let's Punch the Trump online, in what is one of the best modern versions of Punch the President games, which have had other American presidents in the past, but this is about the 2016 winner Donald Trump, who took everyone by surprise, and he is quite the funny character in itself, so it will be a really awesome and interesting experience if you play this game and have a brawl with the president!

Punch the Trump online!

In first-person you will have to use your two fists to go up against Trump, having to punch him enough times to deplete him of this health bar, while being careful to block his punches on you, so that yours does not run out first, because if that happens, you lose and have to start again from scratch.

Use the Z and X keys for the left fist, and the N, M for the right fist, as you alternate between light and heavy punches, depending on how much energy you've got at the moment of the hit, and when you are being hit, block by pressing the spacebar.

Try to get into a rage mode and make a pummeling on the president, but also keep your guard up when the same is being done to you. Making combos between these moves will be the key to victory, so do that to hit fast, heavy, and win the president fight online!

How to play?

Use the Z, X, N, M keys and the spacebar.

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