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What are Jessie Games?

In Jessie Games, Jessie is the main character, an extraordinary girl who cannot wait to be in your company constantly. Her father, an ex-military officer, is strict with her and would never let her do what she wants in there. We are sure that you already know how that ends up. She eventually dropped the Texas state and moved to New York, where she started working as a nanny. There, with the Ross family, she dealt with a lot of pressure but managed to make everything happen. The Children, Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri are going to care for jessie and would do anything to make her happy.

They are wealthy and live in a mansion in the upper state. The house has a doorman as well, and he is lately going to become Jessie's boyfriend even though, at the beginning, he annoys her a lot without anything else ever happening. Jessie enjoys life with the Ross family despite not admitting it. She enjoys singing and playing the guitar in her free time, and that is what we think of her by now.