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Jessie Run

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Jessie Run
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Jessie Run Overview


Go on the Jessie Run with the Disney Channel girls! Jessie is a nanny, and she needs to run around to catch the kids she is babysitting. They've even taken her stuff, so run, collect, and grab the troublemakers. You can also explore New York City thanks to this running game. Let's teach you how simple it is!

Start the Jessie Run online!

To run, you do it automatically. You need to press left and right to duck obstacles in your way. They can be chairs, plants, tables, and other items from the Fairfield House. To jump over them press the up arrow. If you need to slide under them, press the down arrow. On mobile platforms, you swipe with the finger in the four directions.

Collect as many shoes as you can, and get a big score for them. You can also find lipstick and other things from Jessie's bag. If you collect the three stolen items, you get a surprise reward.

We've got power-ups!

They are there, you need to grab them. With the magnet, you can attract shoes towards you. This makes your score increase faster. You can also find the spring, which helps you jump higher up. There's even a power-up that slows time down. It helps you to avoid obstacles more easily.

Aim for a big run, because if you hit the obstacles and lose all your lives, you also lose the game. Don't let it happen, but reach big distances, and always beat your previous high score! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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