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What are Luca Games?

Movies released by Disney and created by Pixar are always going to be some of the best animated movies for the whole family, and Luca, the 2021 film they recently released in theaters and on-demand, is yet another smash hit, both with audiences and critics. We can be sure that the memory of this movie is going to stay with us for a long time.

Since that is the case, it only means that lots of children will be expecting to find and play Luca Games online on our website, something that we’re happy to invite you to do right now and here! If you’ve not seen the movie before, worry not—we give you more details about it here and now, so you can enjoy the games nonetheless!

Disney’s Luca: plot, characters, and cast

Unlike many animated movies, this one is set in the past, in the 50s to 60s, and it’s not even set in America, but actually on the visually stunning Italian Riviera, one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Luca Paguro might look like a normal boy when you first see him. Still, he is a sea monster boy who can come out of the water and transform into a human-like boy, which he does in order to have adventures with his new best friend, Alberto Scorfano. The lives of the two boys will change during their summer in Portorosso, and the two of them are later joined by a third friend, a girl called Giulia Marcovaldo.

Luca is a sea boy who lives a quiet life in the sea with his parents, together with whom they run a farm, but he wants more out of his life, which is why he starts exploring the above world, which he is very interested in. Alberto is another sea monster boy, Luca’s best friend, who is more rebellious than Luca, which is why he is the one who convinces the protagonist to explore the world above water. Giulia is a human girl, one who loves to read, wants to have adventures, and is a misfit of her town.

Disney’s Luca main character’s cast:

The best games with Luca to play online:

If you love to solve puzzles, it was natural that there would be jigsaw games online in this category, so check out that game and see incredible images taken from the movie, and solve them as puzzles, having interactive fun while discovering more about the movie. We also developed an FNF rhythm game where Luca is the main character with whom you can create music and dance routines, so if you love music and having fun, this is the game for you!

Of course, this is just the beginning, and you can bet that the best Luca Games online for kids will always be found on our website, where we hope to see you as often as possible!