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What are Mixels Games?

In the category of games with Mixels you must give everything your best to have a chance to become a top player, because only you prove that you are good at what they do. You will find all sorts of games of skill, action, creativity and so on, games for all tastes. Mixels Games is one of the most beautiful games that appeared on our site, which will test the skill, agility, creativity and spirit of adventure, because you will need these qualities to successfully fulfill your duties in each game. In the category of games with Mixels you must be very careful and try to collect as many points as you pull a good performance to enter the top of the best players. Mixels games for all ages are so sure you will find that you enjoy games, in which you can show off your winning qualities. Mixels are small creatures, funny, living in tribes of three. These tribes are represented by one Elemental: fire, stone, ice, electricity, teeth, magic and so on. In every tribe three Mixel are many who have the ability to combine. Mixels the same tribe combine to form a larger and stronger Mixel. Sometimes mixels combine with other tribes to make a very strong Mixel two or three special powers. The more multi Mixel are even more possibilities for combinations. In the category of games with Mixels have to work very hard to meet your objective successfully, to have the chance to enter the top of the best players. Give us a like if you enjoyed our games with Mixels and leave us a comment in which you tell us about your category and your views on the new categories to add to the site. As mixels need to combine magic cube that combines two unique ways in different Mixel a tribe or different tribes. Infernals are a tribe based on the fire, when all three come together, form a large dragon spitting foc. The Members this tribe are Flaine, Zorch and Vulk. Electrods are based electricity tribe which together form a lion when walking on two legs and is able to shoot electricity through the tail. The members of this tribe are Teslo, Zaptor, Volectro. Cragsters are based on rock tribe who unite if it forms a huge rock that destroys enemies, having as members on Krader, Seismo and shuffle. In these games in games with Mixels must pay attention to details and instructions so you know exactly what to do to accomplish your objective successfully. Games seem simple at first, but as you advance in higher levels you will see that it will be increasingly difficult to achieve the objective successfully. In this category of games with Mixels have to work hard to get into the top of the best players to show everyone what you are capable. If you fail the first attempt, you must not give up. The game is quite difficult so we have to try several times until you achieve your goal successfully and have the chance to become a top player.