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What are Peanuts Games?

Peanuts Games is a new cute category appeared on our site where you will meet cute characters and you will have a lot of challenges for girls and boys of all ages. In the Peanuts Games category you are going to have in foreground Charlie and Snoopy, the main characters from the animation with the same name like the category. In the Peanuts Games category you will get all kind of games so it is not possible to find something that you do not like. Try all the games and I am sure you can find your favorite in Peanuts Games category. Let me tell you a few things about the main characters from the movies and then we will present you a few games that you can find here. The main character is a boy named Charlie. He wants to be useful, to be smart, to be the best at something but he always gets in trouble and make mistakes. There is just a single girl in his classroom who sees that Charlie has a good heart and he does his best to make everything all right. Charlie has a pet named Snoopy, a brave and energetic dog who wants to have fun all the time, who has a lot of great ideas and new adventures every day. Snoopy is an innocent and loyal puppy who would do everything to make his best friend, Charlie, smile. He has a lot of imagination and he always have great quests trying to discover new places and to have fun with his friends. I am sure you will love this puppy and you will live happily all his adventures with a lot of emotions. He likes to play as an aviator wearing a helmet and a pair of glasses. He goes up on his house and thinks that it is a plane. He has a lot of fun although sometimes he is alone. I am sure you will love the new animation called peanuts and you will be glad to watch it with your friends and family. Sometimes Snoopy can be lazy and selfish and sometimes he mocks his owner but they always have a great time together because they are best friends. Leave us a comment to tell us what do you think about Peanuts and which is your favorite hero from the movie. you can help us promote this category for all the kids who love the movie if you give us a like and a g plus. In this exciting category you will find games for all tastes. You have here creativity games, ability games, games for kids and for teenagers, for girls and boys, I am sure you can find what you like. You have n this category a lot of ability games with hidden objects, letters, sport, numbers, stars and so on. I am sure you can handle the challenges in this games if you have a good observation spirit, agility and attention. You have to focus and to pay attention to the details because the objects, letters, stars and so on are very well hidden. You have to be fast if you want a big score in this exciting game. There is also a memory game in this category with peanuts and you have to be fast also there because if you find the pairs find you can reach the top where are only the best of the best. In another ability game you have to spot the differences between images with Peanuts. You are going to play some sports with Snoopy in this game and you have to be persistent if you want to complete your goal successfully. leave us a comment to tell us which was your favorite challenge in this game with Snoopy and Charlie. There are also games where you will use your imagination. In one of those games you have to decorate a Christmas Tree and in another one you have to dress up the main characters from the show. if you can not handle the challenges from the first attempt you have to try again and I am sure you can do better. Try again and again until you make it.