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What are Peanuts Games?

Peanuts Games is a must-needed category for each gaming website that respects itself since this is a media franchise that is an American staple, as it originated in a weekly comic strip that appeared each Sunday in 1950, and it went on way on until 2000, with reruns afterward, so yes, you've read that right, we've now got more than seventy years of these characters.

Charles M. Schulz is the writer and illustrator of this series that has delighted generations of American children and adults, and which has made its way through the wider world as well. Thanks to the huge popularity, the characters made their way into other media, like in the multiple animated shows, with the most recent one being called The Snoopy Show, or the animated feature movie from 2015: The Peanuts Movie.

There have been songs with these characters, they can be watched in live-action theatre shows, and they are constant companions in many theme parks all around the American continent! Of course, as you can see, there are also plenty of Snoopy Games and Charlie Brown Games that you can find and play, and we're happy to say that you can come here to play them with full confidence!

Learn why playing Peanuts Games online for kids is a must-do!

The comics and other stories from this franchise focus on children, and while adults do exist in this universe, they are rarely seen or heard. Charlie Brown is the main kid we're following, who is quite shy, has anxieties and fears, and is not that confident in himself, which we are sure many children can associate with. Still, he is an amazing human being, who tries hard, and can see the good in the bad.

Snoopy is a dog whose thoughts we see just like a human's but he does not speak with the other characters directly. Still, he can assume different personalities in their adventures, and he does not lack confidence at all, as he is quite reliable. Linus and Lucy are two siblings whose different vibes make for funny situations, and Peppermint Patty and Marcie are two girls who are friends with Charlie Brown at school.

Now that you've gotten familiar with these classic characters, there's no excuse not to play our games with Peanuts online, and then invite your friends to do the same, which will bring none of you any regrets!

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