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What are Slugterra Games?

slugterra games is a new category appeared on our site Play-Games.Com that will test the skill, agility and spirit of adventure. in these slugterra games online will have to give all your best to carry out the tasks you in each level. try to collect as many points in these games with slugterra because if you do it well, you could reach the top of the best players. it's something all too nice to get in the top players because it so you can show everyone what you are capable of and how skilled you are at these games. this category will appear slugterra most beautiful games, our heroes from disney xd. some games will be simple at first, but we must not underestimate them because as you advance in levels higher than whatever will become heavier and will be increasingly more difficult to achieve the objective. shane eli is the hero of this series. it wants to become the strongest fighter but this has to catch, train and participate in competitions with tiny creatures. when he first came slugterra, shane eli had only a creature called burpy. these creatures are very strong specific slugterra world and have different powers, depending on the item they belong: water, fire, earth, electricity and more. these creatures are used by people who are struggling in competitions against each other. to have good results in the fight, the coach must have a close relationship with the creature. eli's creatures behave badly but we treat them like friends so they hear and are always with him, trusting him. throughout its travelers, eli shane gets many adventures but makes them deal with them using his creatures guarding him. during their adventures and make many friends but enemies. in these games in games with slugterra, you will have many adventures with our heroes from the cartoon. give us a like if you enjoyed our games with slugterra games. the games are very exciting and you will surely arouse interest. very important in these slugterra games is do not be discouraged if at first you fail to fulfill your objective. if you lose you have to keep trying until you succeed. try to learn from mistakes so that the second time you achieve your goal successfully. take extra care because some games will be against time and if it does not meet its goal before the time ends you'll lose and have to start playing from the beginning.