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What are Talking Friends Games?

More than ten years ago, in 2010, mobile phones were going through a new era, and that was the beginning stages of smartphones, which had only begun in 2007 thanks to the iPhone, which showed how much such a small device could do. Well, during this first part of the decade, thanks to the novelty and excitement for phones, there have been a few mobile apps and games that skyrocketed in popularity, and one of them was called Talking Tom Cat.

Talking Tom Cat was an app where in front of you there was a tomcat, which is a male cat, who's name was Tom. The fun thing about this app and what made it really popular is that you could talk to the phone, and then you would hear Tom talk back exactly what you said, only in his voice, and this was funny and fun, and something that a lot of people were interested in experience, hence the sudden popularity.

Tom could also make all sorts of gestures, he moves his eyes funny and did other fun stuff the more that the app was updated. The popularity of that first app was so big that a whole franchise was started on its back, and that is the Talking Tom & Friends series, for which we are now very excited to offer you the best Talking Friends Games online for kids.

Of course, not everyone had a smartphone, and not everyone’s phone was advanced enough to run this app, which is why web developers worked very hard to re-create that app and make it readily available for playing on your browser, and since the characters skyrocketed in popularity, there were more fan-made games featuring the characters that were created over the years.

Here on our website we have both original games and fan-made ones, and we have curated this page to the best of our abilities, so only the games of the highest quality with this series would be available, and in the following part of the article we will tell you both what the games are, and we will also introduce you to the characters, and a fresh world of fun!

Meet Talking Tom and his friends!

Of course, we’ve got to start this section off with Talking Tom, who is the world’s most popular cat, and he is always ready for a brand new adventure, and he also can make quite the jokes when he is in the mood. Talking Angela is his girlfriend, a white cat who is always stylish, who loves to sing and dance, knows everything about fashion, and loves to travel!

Talking Ginger is the series’ third most popular character, and he is a red-colored kitten who is quite mischievous, and always loves to get himself into all sorts of troubles. Tom’s best friend is Talking Ben,  a cat who loves technology is an inventor, and also works as a chemistry professor, but can be quite grumpy at times.

Dogs are a part of this popular series too, not just cats, and our primary dog is the one and only Talking Hank, who is white with blue spots, who loves to spend his free time watching classic and new sitcoms. Talking Becca is a grey rabbit who also aspires to become a singer, just like Angela, which is how they met.

This is the core cast of characters featured in many media of Talking Tom, although there are others who are exclusive just to the games or just to the animated series, we are sure that with this quick introduction we gave you about them, you will now want nothing more than to join them in the fun.

If that is the case, let’s also do a quick deep dive into what kinds of talking animal games you will be able to find and play here for free, and we’re positive you will like what you have to find!

Play the best games with Talking Friends online, right now and here!

With such a diverse cast of characters, you can also imagine that there is a wide cast of games available on this page, and one of the formats you will find here the most is definitely that of caring games, where you take Angela and give her a shower before her date, take proper care of baby Ginger, or help Tom also prepare for the date through grooming and dressing up. Oh, and yes, you can play Talking Friends dress-up games, plenty of them, where you will make sure that these animals are as stylish as ever!

If you are interested in the medical field, and maybe want to work in it in the future, you can get your practice in with plenty of content on this page, with us having to offer you plenty of dentist games and doctor games, where you make the talking animals have shining smiles, but also take care and heal any kind of injuries and health problems they might appear.

Not only do Tom and Angela have their own babies after their wedding, but they also appear in baby form in many of the games on this page, so if you love playing baby care games online, and babysitting games, doing it with these characters that you already love is going to be a blast.

Help Tom and Angela decorate the new house in which they’ve moved, help Angela take music classes and learn how to play the piano, set up the Christmas tree and celebrate the winter holidays, or get your creative flow going by coloring your favorite characters from Talking Tom & Friends!

As it is quite obviously already, this page offers a wide diversity of games, each one better than the one before it, and we think it would be a shame if you were not to play them, so start experiencing them right now, see how fun they are yourself, and let the fun start, as only on our website you can have it!