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What are Trolls games?

The world of Trolls is an ever-expanding one where adventure, fun, and music come together to create an amazing experience whether you are watching these characters in their movies or television shows, you are playing with the dolls and figurines you can find in stores all over the globe, or play Trolls Games online of the highest quality here on Play-Games, where we have worked hard to develop this category as much as possible and offer its best possible version for fans of the franchise!

That is why on our website you get to find and play Trolls movie games like no other, where together with Poppy and Branch you can improve your memory, you can paint, you can go on adventures through mazes that you have to get out of, or even create a troll doll inspired by yourself, and see how you would look in the films if you were a character in them.
Play Trolls dress up games where you change the appearance of the characters, and for girls we also have spa games, games where you change Poppy’s hairstyles, or even love test games where these characters will help you find out if you and your crush are compatible. Boys also have content they would like here, as we even have some racing games for them to try out, so we’ve got something for everyone!

The games with Trolls that kids all over the world can play unblocked on our website are meant not only to keep them entertained and having fun, but they can also improve focus, tease their brain, and help them become more skilled in all sorts of different areas, which is why we have puzzle games, matching games, hidden objects games, and even math games for kids to check out, all equally educational and fun!
We also have Trolls The Beat Goes On Games for those who have watched this eight-season show streaming on Netflix that was inspired by the movie and continued the story of the characters, Trolls World Tour Games based around the highly-anticipated sequel that was released on VOD in 2020, and when Trolls TrollsTopia Games online are going to appear on the internet, based on the new Hulu show with the same name, you will find them here first!

The story of the Trolls is a long one, even if you came on board a few years ago when the first animated movie was released, since this franchise started up as a toy line called Good Luck Trolls, which were first created in 1959, meaning that it is highly possible your parents or even grandparents played with these dolls in their childhood. After the failure to bring new fans of Trollz, Dreamworks bought the rights to the dolls, and 2016 marked a shift in the story, a positive one, of course!
Trolls was released in 2016, and it was an animated musical motion-picture featuring Anna Kendrick voicing the character of Princess Poppy, and Justin Timberlake voicing the gray troll called Branch, which was a box-office hit and a sensation among kids all over the world. The Trolls are creatures who are always happy, love singing, dancing, and their lives are as colorful as they are.
Their happy lives get ruined when they are kidnapped by the Bergens, nasty creatures that can only be happy when they eat Trolls. Before the first grand feast they prepared, King Peppy of the Trolls manages to save his people and help them escape, after which they go into hiding, causing the Bergens to exile the Chef of the feast, who vows to find the Trolls and have her revenge.

This is the prologue to the story, and are then transported twenty years later, when Poppy, the princess of the Trolls throws a big party, of which Branch was very cautious of, because he was afraid the Bergens might find them. Well, they actually do, kidnapping many of Poppy’s and Branch’s friends. This means the two have to go out of their safe home and on a big adventure into the unknown to save them, meeting friends and foes along the way!
We could continue watching the characters and their various antics through the television show, but in 2020 we had the chance to continue their adventures through a brand new movie called Trolls: World Tour. As the title suggests, music plays an even bigger role in the story of this movie, with the scope of the story expanding after it is seen that there are more tribes of Trolls than the original one we met in the first movie.
Each of the six tribes represents one genre of music, like  Techno, Funk, Classical, Country, Rock, and Pop, and they each have a magical musical string that powers up their musical prowess and affinity to their genre. Queen Barb, who rules the Rock Tribes summons them all together with the ill intention of stealing the other strings and having the Rock tribe be the only one, and that she rules the world of Trolls.
Poppy goes to this reunion eagerly, being fooled by Queen Barb at first, but she eventually finds out her plans are not good at all, so her and her friends go through a musical adventure through the many various musical tribes of the Trolls, hoping to stop Barb and the rock music from taking over, and showing that each genre of music is as important as the other, and they need to co-exist in unity!

The best Trolls Games to play on the computer or your mobile devices have been gathered here on our website, so if you are a kid who loves adventure, music, dancing, and has a positive outlook on life, then this is the category for you, with our team recommending that you play these games even if you have not seen any of the movies, even more so because you can learn about them by having read all this, which was the best possible introduction to the colorful world of the Trolls!