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What are Unicorn Games?

The unicorn, the so-called unicorn, is a white horse with a horn on its forehead, often found in old stories, but also in the latest cartoons for children. Unicorns are the cutest horses, which is why they occupy a special category in Play-Games.com games.

If you want to know a unicorn, this is the perfect place where you can play with the most beautiful unicorns. Among the most popular games with unicorns are those in which you have to dress a unicorn, color a unicorn or even participate in races with other horses or ponies. The horn at the top of the forehead of these animals is believed to be miraculous, most of the time when there is a problem, the unicorn's horn will light up and solve the problem surprisingly whether it is a sick person or animal or anything else.

For the care of unicorns, you will have to prepare thoroughly, because unicorns are not like any other horse. The moment you want to clean a unicorn, you will first have to take a brush, make fun of the old hair that came off, then wash it with soapy water, rinse it, and finally, apply it with a special conditioner to strengthen the hair stem. The next step will be to choose the clothes you are going to wear, and if you want to make it up, you are free to do so.

Unicorn games are specially designed for girls because they dream of one day riding a unicorn. If you want to play other similar games, we recommend My Little Pony Games or horse games.