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What are Aaron Stone Games?

Aarone Stone is a great real life her, who must be so known by you once because he is one of the fewest heroes from the real life and secondly, because he is a teenager who loves to play video games, like the majority of teenagers nowadays. This category, is meant to make you feel so great while playing some incredible Aarone Stone adventure or action games, where saving the world is the main purpose all the time, because this is a kind of basical rule in Aaron Stone's life. Let's hear the story of this super hero, who was just an ordinary teenager, because it is really touching! Charlie Landers is 16-year-old and he is kind of addicted to a special online shooting name, named Hero Rising. Charlie has a character in this game, named Aarone Stone and with him, Charlie is able to destroy the root of evil from the scracthes, but everything happens in the virtual world. One day, the owner of this incredible game, named Hero Rising, the billionaire T. Abner Hall, gets in touch with Charlie Landers, the teenager who plays as Aaron Stone and inform him about the real threat of Omega, from the real life. At the beginning, Charlie is pretty scared but his adventure spirit offers him the occasion to take on this challenge and get involved in the order of saving the world, but everything is kept secret. He requests some special equipment, like a protection armor, some special weapons of course, high tech ones and the most important, some special flying boots, that allow him to fly all over the world for the international rescuing missions. Aaron must keep everyhthing secret from his family and from the entire world, for their sake because he is fighting for the world peace and of course, his family security. In each episode, there appear a different member of Omega threat, that wanna kill Aaron so you have to join our hero and destroy them all in the following games from this superb category. Jason Landers is Charlie's younger brother, who is even more addicted than his brother to the online game Hero Rising, but unfortunately for him, he doesn't get any abilities in this video game so he is so weak. In the game, his avatar is probably the biggest, a huge golden robot. Jason is 14-year-old and he has no idea about the real identity of his brother, knowing the name Aaron Stone only from the video game. S.T.A.N or Sentient Tactical Assisting Neo-human, is a robot that may help Aaron Stone in his missions, with a couple of basic things like giving him a helping hand all the time. He is a special robot and he is programed to respect the following three rules: Never let a man die, never kill people and you must respect the orders. Let's join us and Aaron Stone in this incredible world of action, where the main goal is to protect the world from the Omega's fury and rage so this mission is only for those of you who know how to keep a secret, avoid talking top secret stuff with anybody, but Aaron and the team! Also, another important character from Aaron Stone TV series is Emma Lau, who is basically the right hand of Aaron Stone, but acting from the shadow. Her nickname in the game is Dark Tamara, and she knows about the Charlie's secret identity from Mr. Hall himself, because she is also involved in this business with saving the world, because she is a master when it comes to hacking! She has projected and finalized the majority of Aaron Stone's weapons so that's exactly why Aaron can't do too much without her. Good luck if you are brave enough to take the chance and join this mission so make sure that you will successfully rescue the world alongside Aaron Stone, in different missions and challenge from this category of games!