Accuracy Skill Test

Accuracy Skill Test

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Accuracy Skill Test
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Accuracy Skill Test Overview


Accuracy Skill Test is a new game from and with Aaron Stone where you train to be a superhero! Learn how to shoot the weapon attached to his arm, and be fast and get good reaction times to prove you are worthy of having and using it!

Take the Accuracy Skill Test with Aaron Stone!

You will be in a virtual simulation, where the computer creates enemies for you to defeat. When they appear, like the yellow or red soldiers, click on them to shoot them. You might also get just targets in the form of symbols. Aim and shoot as accurately as possible. If you let some of them escape, your test results will be bad. If you don't score enough precision, you lose.

Some targets need to be shot more times for them to die. The big red soldiers are one example. Reload with R, and when you're being shot at, press space to block. Shoot the power-ups, which look like sim cards, to improve your skills and perform better!

Are we ready? Let's point, shoot, and kill!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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