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What are Adventures of Max Paddle Pop Games?

The Adventures of Max Paddle Pop games category is a new online animal game category with fun ability games, adventure games, and other new boys' games that you can play with Max. This new games category is appearing here on our website because Max Paddle Pop was very popular in Australia, where the first commercials with Max Paddle Pop appeared. Max's story is straightforward, and you can see it's a lovely one simultaneously. Adventures of Max Paddle Pop's story begins with Max, a little lion baby whose parents were the King and Queen of the Lion Kingdom, but they passed away.

Max should have been the heir to the throne, but the older lions in the Lion Kingdom didn't let him become king at such a young age, so they outcast him. Max is alone now in the Lion Kingdom, but his teacher and tutor, Prof. Higganbotton, has taken Max under his wing. He is doing his best to raise Max to become a taught, proud, and beautiful lion who should be the king of the Lion Kingdom.

You can see that once he has grown up, Max the Lion is trying to get his Lion Kingdom crown and throne back from the Shadow Master, who is the villain of other Adventures of Max Paddle Pop games category. You will have to help Max finish every one of the adventures from this new games category to defeat this lion villain and redeem his right to become the king of the Lion Kingdom, which will make his deceased parents and Prof. Higganbotton very proud.