4x4 Soccer

4x4 Soccer

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4x4 Soccer
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4x4 Soccer Overview


4x4 Soccer is what we invite you to play right now! Yes, that's right, football with cars online! Even better, the cars are SUVs or Off-Road Trucks, which makes the experience even better. More people seem to love these cars, and they have a different handling made for harder roads, so they would do well on the soccer pitch, no?

Play 4x4 Soccer online!

From the main menu, you choose your car and the national team you want to represent on the field. Just like in football human players, score more goals before the end of the match to win. To do it, bounce the ball around with your car, and get it in the opponent's net to score. They will try doing the very same to you, so don't let them score more than you. Combine offense with defense!

To move your 4x4 car around the map, or pitch, use the WASD keys, and to kick the ball and bounce it faster, use the spacebar. If you want to try out the 2-player mode, we also recommend it, in which case the second car uses the ARROWS, L.

After one score a goal, the ball respawns in the middle of the field automatically. Get a head start by pumping the gas pedal and take it to the net!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar.

Use the ARROWS, L.

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