Gravity Soccer 3

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What is Gravity Soccer 3?

Gravity Soccer 3

Gravity Soccer 3 is an excellent combination of football games online and puzzle games, one that you are guaranteed to really enjoy from start to finish, just like all of us have had since that was the main reason for sharing the game with you right now, so we hope that for anything in the world you don't miss out on the chance to play it!

Play soccer with and against gravity!

Tap on objects to remove them, and do so in order to make the soccer ball fall towards the goal, and if it enters it, you clear the level. That is not the only thing you need to be careful about, as you also need to make it so that the ball collects the three stars along the way so that you take three out of three at each level for the best performance.

Sometimes you have to drop bombs and make it so that more things move, explode, or change at the same time, so figuring out the correct way to tap on things is the key to completing the puzzles, but know that each level gives you a more difficult puzzle than the one before it, so focus more.

Good luck we wish all of you, and we invite you to stick around for more fun, you won't regret it, we bring you the best games on the internet!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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