Ball Sort Soccer

Ball Sort Soccer

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Ball Sort Soccer
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Ball Sort Soccer Overview


Ball Sort Soccer combines the popularity of football right at this moment, thanks to the World Cup that is happening, together with the popular format of sorting games online, with footballs being what you need to sort in this new game, and we're sure you will have an absolutely awesome time doing it, just like we also had!

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In each level, you are given multiple containers with balls in them, and you need to sort them in such a way that you have a full container only of balls with the same color, and when all the balls have been properly separated by color, the level is finished and cleared.

The next ones are always harder, with the number of balls increasing, and the colors, but their arrangement also being more complicated. You are playing against time, so the faster you finish a level, the better it is going to be for you. Simply click on a container and the first ball from it moves to the next container that you click on.

It's that simple, it's exciting, and it makes your thinking and logic power better, so you now have multiple reasons to try out this game right now, only here, and have a blast!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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