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Resort Empire

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Resort Empire
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Resort Empire Overview


Resort Empire is yet another business management game with strategy and tycoon elements, a format that has been around since the first days of flash gaming, and we hope you did not believe that this game was lost to the ether since it had not been, and you can now create your own big and flourishing empire of leisure resorts, which we will teach you how right now!

Let's build the biggest Resort Empire online ever!

Start off by choosing the name you want for your resort. To build your real estate, use the sand tiles that are inside the edges. The only way to earn an income is if you build rooms where your visitors can stay, and which they will pay for, money that you will then use to build more and reinvest.

As you build rooms, also add workers, such as janitors, so they can take care of the place, but also make sure that you add facilities, plants for oxygen and for the rooms to look nice, and the better you build your resort, the more visitors you get.

Raise the popularity of your resort, and the number of visitors will slowly but surely increase, which only means that you will make more money, which you can use to add new tiles and expand to bigger places.

The limits of your empire are unlimited, so the more you think you can grow, do it because the only way to succeed in business is to be fearless! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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