Avalanche 2

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What is Avalanche 2?

Avalanche  2

The avalanche is here and you have to do something to avoid getting eaten by it so let's start the dodging and sliding mission, with this cuttie penguin, who is pretty scared at the moment. The penguin is on a sleigh which is sliding downhill right now, but there are some ramps too, which may slow down its track so you have to deal with this situation rightly and avoid getting stuck in any way, because if this happens, you are certainly done. Also, there are bonuses for you to collect, so hurry up and collect them all as soon as it is possible, because this is the only way possible you can accomplish a right amount of points at the end of the level, getting all the stars necessary. The accuracy you get done the level with is so important so do not disappoint and get away from the avalanche. The purpose is to reach the crowd of penguins at the end of every single level so make sure that you'll never skip them. Control the sleigh with the arrow keys, jumping, running forward or even stop when you want or when it's highly recommended for you to do this thing!

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How to play?

Use the arrow keys