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Published19.11.2016 Online is just another incredible and so amazing ability and skills game, which offers you the occasion to use the mouse in order to drag and make this fish go successfully in the right direction, at the right time, in order to go deeper and deeper for achieving the necessary amount of food for getting to the next nevel, food which is required by this little fish which wanna become such a great undewater monster. First of all, you have to avoid getting eaten by the bigger fish which will be just another online players, with more experience than you and this will count so much. First level gives you the status of a fish, the second one gives you the status of a crab and then you have to get the necessary amount of experience to find out what's going on from then. Make sure you will successfully collect the food and then try to eat the less fishes or all kind of creatures from the ocean going so deep but watch out because if you get too damaged, you could die and you have to start everything from zero. In the up corner of the game screen will be the list with the ranks of the players and in the bottom side, the amount of experience you've already earned and which remains for you to collect for getting to the next level!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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