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Welcome, dear visitors, to, yet another entry that proves why the IO Games category of our website is constantly one of the biggest and most-visited ones, as we are in an age where multiplayer games are readily available to be tried out directly from your browser, and it is easier than ever to test your skills against players from all over the world.

You can do that in many ways, but today on this page you are going to go underwater to do it, where you will learn that marine life is even more ruthless than life on land! Why? Well, because in oceans, seas, and even lakes and rivers, fish and sea creatures come in various sizes, and they eat one another to survive and maintain the habitat, so you either eat or get eaten!

Learn to play EatMe.Io so you can become the king of the ocean!

For starters, from the game's main menu you will choose a server to play on, with the continent that you are on being assigned to you as a default, and make sure to choose a nickname that best represents you, which we hope to see you turn into a name of legends as you climb the rankings of the top players!

There are two main mechanics you will use in this underwater battle, and we will now explain them, as well as their controls:

  • Attack: to make these attacks, hold the Left Mouse Button or press the W key if more comfortable with the keyboard.
  • Merge: group your fish together to be stronger by holding the Right Mouse Button, or using the spacebar.

As for how you move, simply drag the mouse towards the direction you want to swim with your fish, and, as you do it, try eating up as much seaweed, starfish, or other collectible items found in the water, because they make you bigger.

This is in preparation for meeting other players because if you are bigger than them, you can attack them, and if you succeed to defeat them, not only do they get eliminated, but your score becomes bigger, and your swarm of fishes also increases, in addition to your size.

Watch out for the jellyfish, because while they are controlled by the computer, they are still enemies, as they will take away the small fish you collected around you and make you smaller.

There is also another mode in addition to the classic one, which is called Puffer Deathmatch, where the fish you accumulate can blow up into pufferfish and become deadlier weapons against enemies, who will also use the same tactic against you, that you can bet on!

The underwater battle of survival and feasting begins right now, if you give this game a chance right now, something we definitely hope to see everyone visiting our website doing right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse, SPACE bar

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