Pixie Lips Injections

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What is Pixie Lips Injections?

Pixie Lips Injections
Every day of the week here on, you can see which are the latest and the most interesting online games for boys and girls. Today dear friends, you can see that we have brought for you a very interesting and special new online game from the Tinkerbell games category, in which your favorite Disney pixie is going to need a plastic surgery.

This is a new online Disney doctor challenge in which you will have to be very careful, because dear friends you can see that you will have to help Tinkerbell have perfect and rounded lips. At the beginning of this new Disney game, you can see that Tinkerbell is going to be hurt, and have lip infections, and you will have to help her feel better and be healthy, so you have to perform a plastic surgery to her lips and eye, due to her infections and injuries.

You can see that Tinkerbell has a swallen eye, so you have to find special treatments so that she can get rid of all the swelling and the redness, so you have to use eyedrops that you can place using your mouse. Once the eye drops have effect, you can see that her eye will not be red anymore, and you can tend the bigger issue for Tinkerbell, her lips. At the beginning, she is going to present a small infection, so you have to clean the lips and drain the puss. For the plastic surgery to be a success, you can see that you will need special tools and even treatments in order for Tinkerbell to be safe and healthy.

You will use for Tinkerbell's lips a centimeter to see how big the lips should be based on the lenght of her face. Once you have established the size of the lips, you have to start preping the lips and preping the shots that Tinkerbell will have to take in her lips with special acide. You will have to use your mouse to controll all the tools, and so you have to have a steady surgeount's hand so that Tinkerbell's lips will look like she wants, and that she will not get any post operation infections. Have fun!


How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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