ER Plumber

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What is ER Plumber?

ER Plumber
All the jobs can be dangerous, but who would have thought that being a plumber can be dangerous and you can get really hurt? Well, you can see in the ER Plumber game for kids that it's true and that you can be one of the best ER doctors here on our website, because a plumber has just walked through the doors.

You dear children will see that a little plumber tried to change all the plumbing of the house, but he got into a pretty ugly accident, so you have to patch him up and make him healthy again in order for his house to have a funcional plumbing system as soon as possible.

The plumber had a lot of pipes fall on his head, his armss, his torso or his legs, and you dear kids will have to look for broken bones, concussions, bruises and deep scratches that you will have to cream, patch, clean the wounds and make sure that you patch all the little scratches and the bleeding ones before the plumber can get back to work.

For all of these actions, you dear kids will need your tools and all the medicine from the cabinets, and they will be able to be used and administrated using the mouse. Make sure that you use the mouse to wash the plumber of all the dirt and all the rust from the pipes, and after that you will see that you will be free to practice your medicine. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.