Princesses Girly Chic vs Tomboy

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What is Princesses Girly Chic vs Tomboy?

Princesses Girly Chic vs Tomboy
Here on our website, you can start playing the Princesses Girly Chic vs Tomboy game for girls, in which dear kids you can see that there are going to be two main characters that need your help to decide once and for all if they prefer the chic style or the tomboy style for them.

You will have a great time because dear girls this is a new online makeover, makeup and dress up challenge for children, in which the main characters will be Elsa from Frozen and the Barbie doll, which are very popular and have a lot of fans that will help them today to start looking for beautiful and modern clothes and accessories from the two styles and see which is the perfect one to wear in 2020.

The fashion styles of the two characters are very different, and even though they have to dress in the same type of clothes, they will still look very different and they need help to find a new girly chic outfit for this game, and that means that using the mouse, you have to pick one of the characters, Elsa or Barbie, and start to look for the most interesting and fashion outfits here on our website.

You dear kids can see that Elsa and Barbie are going to be very stylish girls, and they are going to need chic clothes even though different to wear. All the chic clothes will have cute colors like pink, yellowish, red or white for the girls to look very elegant when they wear all the dresses, all the skirts or the shirts that they can mix and match with other accessories like big belts, scarfs, and purses, which will give them a very elegant and chic vibe.

On the other hand, the tomboy style will be very different for Barbie and Elsa, because dear kids you can see that even from the name of the fashion style, this challenge will help you look amazing to wear boy clothes like baggy jeans, baggy t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, and skateboards, but we are sure that you will be very creative and that Elsa and Barbie will pick their favorite style by the end of this new game. Have fun!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

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