Banana Jungle

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What is Banana Jungle?

Banana Jungle
Monkeys love bananas, so when the monkey that is the protagonist of this game ended up in a jungle that is full of them, it was so happy, and it hopes that you are here to play the game called Banana Jungle, where you get the chance to help the monkey out and collect as many bananas for it as possible.

The monkey is going to run forward by itself, and the thing that it needs help with is jumping, so you are going to use the mouse to click and make it jump. Depending on how you click you can make bigger or smaller jumps. There will be platforms on different layers, and you have to jump from one to another too.

You don't jump with the monkey just to grab bananas, which will represent your score, so try to get as many of them as possible, but you also jump to avoid obstacles such as turtles with spikes on them, rocks, and other traps. If you hit them, you lose and have to start again, so don't let it happen.

It is an endless runner game, meaning that you can advance as much as you want, if you don't get stuck, so see how far you can get, and each time you lose, aim for a bigger distance and score next time!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.