Snow Driving Car Race Track Simulator

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What is Snow Driving Car Race Track Simulator?

Snow Driving Car Race Track Simulator

A very special and very interesting 3D game for boys is appearing here on our website. This is the new Snow Driving Car Racer Track Simulator game, in which you are going to drive the fastest 3D cars in the world.

You will have to be very careful through the entire game, because this is going to be a new driving simulator, in which we have prepared 3D cars that have to be driven like a professional racing driver. For that you will have to use the A, S, W, D or the ARROW keys on the keyboard.

All you have to do is to press the Play button with the mouse, and you will go to the garage, where you will have to pick a 3D car to drive. The practice mode and the career mode are ready for you to try them out, and start to gain a lot of points with your exceptional racing skills, and so you can have a garage full of the most amazing cars here on our website.

You will have three other opponents in each type of mode that you want to play, and you can steer your car with the keys on the keyboard, but you can use the throttle and the break with your mouse and press on the two icons on the screen. Make sure that you overtake all of your opponents before the time expires, and you can gain a lot of points. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use the ARROW keys or the A, S, W, D keys to drive the cars