Afton Nightmare

06.12.2020 8415 324 votes

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What is Afton Nightmare?

We are bringing for you today a lot of interesting games that you can play with all of your friends, and today you can see that we have brought for you a very special Five Nights at Freddy's challenge, in which you can gain a lot of points through this new adventure.

This is going to be a very special detective game, in which you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to gain a lot of points by making sure that you can solve the scary mistery and see how by the end of this new challenge, you can find all the clues.

You will have to be very careful, because this is going to be a jump scare game, in which you will have to use the MOUSE and make sure that in the shortest time, you will be able to gain points by clearing room after room, and see how in the shortest time, you will be able to finish this scary challenge and try to empty all the rooms.

There are going to be a lot of tools and items to use through this new challenge, because dear kids it's going to be the only way that you can gain points and go from room to room. There are going to be different parts of the game in which you can get scared if you are not careful enough, so you have to make sure that you will be able to solve the mistery.

You are going to find plenty of other funny games inside the Five Nights at Freddy's game, and you will see how many other interesting and scary games from this new category that you can play even on your phones and tablets. Have fun!



Afton Nightmare


Use the MOUSE to play.



D'MARCUS in 07.04.2021 03:55


Henry Afton in 20.03.2021 17:03

its easy

lol in 20.03.2021 09:34

hide under the desk

CCGOD in 12.03.2021 19:10

there needs to be a place to show the power because i have only died to that

Clara Afton in 09.03.2021 07:03

I think I'm in this game...

skkskskakkdk in 08.03.2021 18:23


Chris Afton in 07.03.2021 15:43

im ready for this

mcgreev5 in 06.03.2021 20:00

its cool but like what are you meant to do like how do you not get jumpscared also i laughed alot at it circus baby sacred my alot and ballora is just funny

Endoskeleton in 27.02.2021 22:15

it is sort of hard

Clara Afton in 25.02.2021 09:26

I'm ready to play this game

foxy in 18.02.2021 01:08


noob1234 in 14.02.2021 18:43


TOYFREDDYFAN12345 in 12.02.2021 15:27

I dont understand circus baby

No name in 08.02.2021 23:34


no name in 03.02.2021 12:29

tip; hide under the desk

morlay104 in 26.01.2021 23:56

good game

mike afton in 25.01.2021 15:14

welp its sorta easy

Micheal afton in 25.01.2021 15:14

welp its sorta easy in 17.01.2021 17:59

not bad

4804328375 in 16.01.2021 15:16

i think no it is the worst game ever to much camres

L in 16.01.2021 15:15


KORBEN in 09.01.2021 19:13

what do you do???

SOUUUUUPPPP1111 in 05.01.2021 14:36

Hi I where do you close the doors

gril gg123 in 01.01.2021 03:44

;-; its short and 100/100 i like it a bit

BornaPlayzYT in 29.12.2020 11:02

i was playing this when i was 5 lol

rory in 23.12.2020 21:26

not scary

022\ in 07.12.2020 19:32


022\ in 07.12.2020 19:32


Weirdo c: in 07.12.2020 13:39

What the fawk am i supposed to do in this game its just watching cameras and u just waitin till they get you and jumpscare?this game doesnt make sense but i rlly like fnaf :)