Join Clash Epic Battle

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What is Join Clash Epic Battle?

Join Clash Epic Battle
In this new teaming game, you have to run and collect teammates! You start as one color running forward and you must team up with the blobs of the same color! You have to be careful though, clashing with other colors than your teams' color will result in both sides losing blobs, if you aren't careful you could lose all of your blobs and fail the level, forcing you to restart. There also many dangerous obstacles in your way such as spinning blades, hammers that will destroy the blobs that touch them.

The end goal is to get a lot of teammates in order for them to get in the cannon and to destroy the yellow blobs that are found on the huge object. Once you aim and point at a yellow blob, one of your own blobs will get shot at them and they will fall, running out of teammates before shooting down all of the yellow blobs will result in the level failing, forcing you to restart. On the level you will also find color changers, once the color has changed you must search for blobs of the changed color to team with.

Have fun playing Join Clash Epic Battle!

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How to play?

Use the mouse or your finger to move your blobs.