Tug the Table Classic

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What is Tug the Table Classic?

Tug the Table Classic
In this game, you must defeat your opponent by tugging the table! This is a classic game, you use your legs to push yourself while being under a table and holding it. Your goal is to out-push your opponent by pushing the table to their side. This game can be played against the computer or another player, so you can play against your friend if you'd like to. You have to be careful about how you time your pushes as the opponent could push the table to your side easily.

The table can come in many forms, with legs or without legs, or tables can also have stuff on them like bombs that explode, and depending on which side it explodes, it will knock out the player resulting in the opposing player to win the round. Sometimes the table also has balls on it like bowling balls, if one ball falls on a players' side, the opposing player will win the round. There are 5 rounds in total, to win the game one player must win all 5 rounds represented by 5 stars on the top of the screen.

Do you want to tug the table? Press play to find out!

How to play?

Use the up arrow key or the button on the screen.

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