Super Hitmasters

Super Hitmasters

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Super Hitmasters
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Super Hitmasters Overview

We must shoot the bad guys! In this shooting game, you must shoot the bad guys in each level. You only have a limited amount of ammunition though so you must be very efficient with your killing. There are multiple modes in the game, the first one you'll start with is the shotgun mode. Each mode uses a different weapon and different levels. The shots fired by the shotgun can bounce off of walls. You must use the bounciness to your advantage to hit some enemies with your shots.

On levels you will find objects such as crates, crates can be made of wood or rock, the wooden ones can be broken by gunfire while the rock ones can only be pushed. If you push a wooden or a rock crate over an enemy's head, they will get crushed. Some levels also contain TNT, if it's shot or it touches an enemy, it will explode, killing the enemy. Each level you complete will award you with stars and money. The stars can be used to advance to the next mode such as the gravity mode and the ricochet mode.

The money can be used to buy skins. You can buy character skins and gun skins. Each skin costs 100 money and you can unlock any of them from the given choices. After you choose a skin the lock will disappear revealing the skin you bought. Each mode has 15 levels, the gravity mode costs 36 stars to unlock while the ricochet mode costs 60 stars to unlock.

Are you ready to be the Hitmaster? Play to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the touchscreen.

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