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Skydom Overview


Skyidom is a unique match 3 game because it also presents an adventure for you!

This game isn't only a simple match 3 game, it also has challenges for you to complete. Each level presents a new challenge, for example, you may need to collect a certain number of yellow, green, red, or other pieces. The game features many levels that you have to complete.

On some levels, you may have to compete against another player for the most pieces taken, the player makes the same moves as you so you must be careful about your steps, you will also be limited on how many moves you can make. On the later levels, you will also be introduced to carrots! These carrots come in the same colors as the basic pieces and can be matched with them if the color matches!

In these later levels, you will be challenged to collect a certain number of carrots then you will be challenged against another player. This game features many stages that you can go through. To get to the next stage you must finish the one before it first then you can pass the gate to the next one.

In the game, if you manage to match 4 pieces, one of the pieces will turn into a powered-up piece. This piece if it's matched again will send a wave that removed all of the pieces on one axis depending on which axis the white band points to. There are also pieces with a small firefly on them, this firefly will collect a required piece for you that's in the objective.

Matching 5 pieces will create a unique piece that once you exchange it with another piece it will destroy all pieces you matched it with on the board. By forming a match where there are 3 pieces on each axis, you will create a bomb, this bomb, if you match it with its respective color, will explode, destroying a 3x3 block of pieces. Making a square match where the same pieces are in a 2x2 square will create the firefly power-up.

Completing a level will earn you coins, these coins can be used at first to unlock the alchemist. The alchemist will give you buffs such as infinite lives for 60 minutes. On the alchemist mode, you play against real players in a competitive match to get the most pieces or carrots. The leaderboard is also unlocked after level 10.

Are you ready for your adventure? Time to find out!

How to play?

Use the mouse or touch to move the pieces.

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