Pichon: The Bouncy Bird

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 Pichon: The Bouncy Bird
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What is Pichon: The Bouncy Bird?

 Pichon: The Bouncy Bird
Dear children,
We have a new game for you. If you like SuperMario, we hope you enjoy this game Pichon: The Bouncy Bird. The game is super simple and is structured in levels

Help the cute little ball to collect the blue diamonds without her falling into her own death. The faster you manage to move her, the bigger her jumps will be and you will collect as many blue diamonds as possible. Pay attention to obstacles, and enemies, of course. Don't let them kill you, otherwise, you'll lose the level. With the help of the collected diamonds, you will be able to open the doors that will lead you to new realms in the next levels.

Activate the special powers of the ball, make some upgrades and improve the ball as best as possible, so that you become better. With these improvements, you will have access to new options and playing spaces. The game is structured in 20 levels, with different degrees of difficulty. You just have to be careful and take the ball to the door with the diamonds collected in order to open the door.

We hope you like our game as much as possible, and we wish you a lot of fun with your friends.

How to play?

Use arrow keys to move, or tap on either side of the screen. Collect the blue gems to unlock the exit. Avoid lava and spikes - Have fun!

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