Anime Battle 4.3

Anime Battle 4.3

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Anime Battle 4.3
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Anime Battle 4.3 Overview

Anime Battle is a new game in which you can test your fighter skills or you can do a contest with your friends to see who is the strongest of them all. You can set a prize that is as motivating as possible.

So, the game is multiplayer and you can play with friends. The game offers three game possibilities for players: single player, 2 players, and practice. The practical mode is recommended to be played before entering the battle because you can practice and try each character and in this way, you will be able to figure out which is the best performing character.

Regardless of whether you choose Single-player or 2 players mode, the game will ask you how many enemies you want to fight in the game. For example in a single player, you can fight with only one or you can choose to fight with three more. It all depends on how much you think you are ready to face this game.
Follow the instructions below to play
Player 1 just press J to select and start the game.

AD: bad
S: Defense
J: attack / select
K: jumps
L: instantaneous step
U / I / O: key skills
P: modifier key

Player 2:
arrows: bad
down arrow: Defense
1: attack / select
2: jumps
3: instantaneous step
4/5/6: key skills
9: modify key
Enter: Pause

We hope you like this game and invite you to discover other games on our site. Have fun.

How to play?

use the keyboard

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