Oddbods Looney Ballooney

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What is Oddbods Looney Ballooney?

Oddbods Looney Ballooney

Whenever we've had Oddbods Games online on our website that were puzzle games where you had to use your brains and wits to solve different problems that will help the Oddbods creatures in their fun, you've always had lots and lots of fun, so why would the same not be true today as well, with the new game called Oddbods Looney Ballooney?

Help the Oddbods fly away with their balloons by solving their puzzles!

The Oddbods will have balloons on their hands, which they want to use to fly in the air, but above their heads, there will be blocks that block their path, and you have to get rid of them.

To do so, use the mouse to tap on the blocks to eliminate, figuring the correct order of taking them out, and you should remember that not all blocks can be cleared away.

Watch out for spiky things that can pop the balloons and cause the characters to fall, since you lose the levels if that happens, and try getting three out of three stars at the end of each level, by having a great performance.

Good luck to you all, and if you stick around, you will find plenty more fun to have, so leave nowhere!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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