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What are Oddbods Games?

Oddbods Games is a testament to how much we love the global audience we have amassed on our website, who know that they will find games based on their favorite shows no matter what language they speak, as this one originates from Singapore, but it was made with characters that don't speak anything verbally, as they only communicate through their actions, gestures, and maybe sounds. That is why the show got picked up in so many countries across the globe, and so many amazing gaming experiences have been created with the characters, which you will now find here!

Starting from 2013 the show has had three seasons for a total of 166 episodes and 4 specials, and you needn't have watched all of this media to understand how to play these games, where you do simple things such as flying with jetpacks, coloring, solving puzzles, or cooking pizza. Even more so, we will now go into each and every main character, so you can recognize them instantly and have tons of fun together!

Play Oddbods Games with your favorite colorful and fuzzy characters!

Seven Oddbods are featured in this series, each with furry suits in a different color, having to face day-to-day problems that sometimes explode into adventures of epic proportions, such as riding the biggest monster trucks around down. The characters are:

Here you can do everything from running through the forest, stacking food on top of each other as high as possible, riding bicycles, or even a hot air balloon into the skies. Have friendly competitions in soccer or by throwing ice cream at one another, explore mazes, or even cook burgers for the furry little friends.

The world of these creatures is only ever getting bigger and more fun, so we hope to see you around some more since you can never know what surprises this category has in store for you all!