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What are Oddbods Games ?

Oddbods Games is such a special game category because if you haven't found out yet, the Oddbods characters are meant to teach all the children from all around the world, some really valuable lessons, using their favorite way for this, laughing. They are comic and so funny sometimes but in the subconscious of the kids, the lesson is well delivered there. Let's find out more about the situation of this awesome kind of material that has been broadcasting on TV for such a while now! Firstly, you have to know the target channel of this awesome TV animated series. It is Boomerang, of course, because only there are a lot of kids watching their favorite cartoons all the time so during the commercials breaks, on Boomerang, the awesome Oddbods characters start delivering their messages, sharing joyness and not only with the bored kids.

It is a typical Japanese and Chinese series for TV, which isn't actually that kind of TV series where all the episodes are bound to each other through their stories because the storyline doesn't respect the one from the previous episode or from the future one because the target isn't only entertainment, but more likely learning kids a couple of things, useful and different all the time, that's why the episodes are different. I guess you are excited to introduce yourself to the characters from this awesome TV animated show, so let's start with the very first character, Fuse. Fuse is a red character, who is so angry and sometimes he only gets over the limit and that's why he has three bumps on his head, as some signs of his kind of explosive behavior. Slick is another character, who is orange colored and he is different from Fuse because he is calmer, but he has other qualities too.

He is kind of slick, crafty, and that's exactly where his name is coming from. He's got two antennas on his head and sometimes, he could get really silly and stupid rare times, but it's happening as an exception. Bubbles is a female character this time, who is probably the most courageous and brave one from the whole crew but sometimes, she has some problems so, like the others, she isn't actually perfect. She has two kinds of creepy curved shapes on her head too. Zee is the laziest one, undoubtedly because everything he does daily is sleeping, eating, leaving slime from his mouth all over the place, a thing which is pretty gross by the way, and he is also so fat and kind of bored all the time, you won't see him dancing or something like this.

Zee also has on his head two butterfly antennas. Pogo is the blue one and he is so pushing and it seems that he is always stirred and he never stays in a place. He has two straight horns on his head and he is so full of energy all the time and even healing! Newt is the pink one and you can call her an extreme's girl, because once she either so lucky or so lack luck, two extremes, never finding a middle way between these two. Jeff is the purple one and he only got on his head an antenna. He has so many qualities too, but he is no perfect because sometimes he makes some grave mistakes in different domains. Anyway, he is the most responsible one, such a friendly person and who always help anybody in need. Now that you know the characters from Oddbods TV show, you can easily tell that they have no connection with each other so they are totally different, even their colors of their bodies are different.

The signs on their heads are different too and if you've read thoroughly their description, they are so different when it comes to their characters and personalities too. Let's enjoy this awesome show alongside them, taking on some really cool games alongside the characters from Oddbods in this awesome games category, with puzzle games, memory ones, jigsaws, cards recognizing, and all kinds of these awesome tasks only for you.

Have a lot of good luck and join us now!